June 2007

Cows and phones. Get a grip, people. (more…)

And: Baby Jesus is a pure pork dry sausage. (more…)

Sex Slaves, Drug Trade and Rock n’ Roll (LONG and interesting article about a guy who used to hang out with Parrey Farrell of Jane’s Addiction, and now hunts down and frees sex slaves. Total fucking hero!). Also: 4-year-old’s temper-tantrum grounds Delta flight, 11-year-old learning-disabled boy w/a genetic disease & feeding tube arrested for picking up a lucky rock, Cops beat man for saying they violate civil rights, Man kicked off Amtrack train in the middle of an 800,000 acre park with no running water. (more…)

    Plus: Echinacea really helps.  Indonesia Vice President endorses marijuana for culinary purposes. (more…)

    The night before our camping trip, we went to my cousin Nathan’s going away party.  He is moving back to New Mexico. Read on for details. (more…)

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    Also: hard-core rat porn, SUBGENIUS: Art Mines 2, HEALTH: Cuban health care more complex than ‘Sicko’, Sopranos “Nikki Leotardo” hoax was created by my cousin’s husband, and more fucked up religious doctors refusing to treat people…with tattoos?!?! (more…)

    Religious doctors that fuck your life up, a good reason not to have a cellphone, HIV results in 60 seconds. Oh, and the iPhone comes with a $175 cancellation fee, if you end up not liking it. (more…)

    So, Jess & Nate got married on June 10th, 2007!  Friday, Carolyn had to go to Jess’s bachelorette party… (more…)

    Wood staining sucks! We finally spent two days and put the two coats on the front of our closet. (more…)

    Dreamcrowd –  A site to share your dreams, anonymously.  Dreams are tagged, so you can easily read other peoples’ dreams. (more…)

    And an Australia man charged with riding his bike while having a BAC of .03 (that’s half the legal limit for driving.) Read on for the links. (more…)

    And of course a big fat “fuck you” to Officer Lewis Perry III (who must be inspired by Officer Keith Washington), Officer James Allen Finch (a special place in hell is reserved for you), and Pakistan.  Read on to hear what these shithead pigs did with your tax dollars. (more…)

      Also: Afghan woman forced to marry 4-year-old boy, Stab victim ‘continued masturbating’, and an actual victory against Abuse Of Authority. Read on. (more…)

      I had no idea Google Reader supported this! If you click “Browse”, it takes you to a screen where you can insert someone’s LiveJournal or MySpace username, and it will figure out the RSS address and add them for you!  WOW!  I’m going and adding all my MySpace-blogging peeps now…

      Starscape was pretty cool, but also quite draining!  It is basically a huge outdoor rave.  It was quite the scene.  Carolyn & I had never been to anything quite like it.  Thanks for the invite, Sammy, and thanks for the company, Shannon & Christian!  (Read on for full review, plus Sammy’s review.) (more…)

      I wanted to blog about some of what I’ve been watching recently. The season finales this year were excellent, as usual! Read on for more… (more…)

      I am the Atacama Desert! (more…)

        And some inappropriate humor too.  And of course some daily Abuse Of Authority. (more…)

          And of course your daily abuses of authority, including an Alexandria, VA (local to this blog) police lawsuit settlement.  Also: 4th amendment rights extend to car passengers (DUH), and a town is now using its own local currency.


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