January 2008

I guess this will never happen because people are too scared of identity theft, and RSS doesn’t really have that much security, buuuut….

I want an RSS feed that tells me everytime my credit card is charged, and everytime my bank account changes.  That would be awesome.

I dunno. But anyway, it looks like I may have found someone to do our tile job downstairs. (more…)

Nancy ‘voice of Bart Simpson’ Cartwright gives $10 million to Scientology. This sucks. Guess it’s good I only rented those dvds.. Marvel Comics revives Capt. America (spoilers past the jump). MySpace deletes huge Atheist group — MySpace is Christian, you see, sine it’s owned by Rupert Murdoch. Athiests are even reporting that their profile has been edited in some cases. LOCAL: Army psychologist awarded $450K after idiot pig Barbara R. Johnson-Rauf rear-ends him and then has HIM arrested for reckless driving (acquitted!). Don’t you love getting into accidents with cops? By the way, I got a gun pointed at my face once for daring to stop to ask for directions. (more…)

Students expelled for kissing on the bus. WTF? Isn’t our DNA the ultimate authority here? It’s almost as if the 1984-esque future where sex is illegal is something the establishment (in this case, the schools) actually wants. This is like punishing someone for being a human being.  I say Theresa Riley is a bitch, and a joke! I know her type…

Pennies suck!! And this is why we should get rid of them!  Another excellent article from my half-uncle’s blog — usually he writes about religion sucking, but in this case, it’s about pennies sucking, and not being worth having. And he’s right.

    Man recycles his trash, cancels his trash service – a year later, the trash company sues him for NOT taking his trash out!  Just… wow. If we ever get to the point of not needing the trash companies, they apparently wont go down without a fight. It seems to be a trend that dying industries behave like a cornered dog, but the trash company?!  There’s plenty of trash to go around!  They should be congratulating this guy for not making as much as everyone else.  Ohh, his fires smell funny.  Maybe he’s burning a bit of trash?  Either way — gotta love a city ordinance forcing you to create garbage! And a lawsuit to boot…

    A few tips here on how to use google to keep track of who is keeping track of you. (more…)

    WAR ON STUDENTS, ERR, DRUGS, ERR.. WHAT? What is this warring on again? By the way, the only reason he got off is a technicality. In other words, the state would have gladly pursued this to the next level, had the statute not been more narrowly worded. They wanted at a jail sentence for this kid. The spirit of the law is not always the letter of the law! Only in fucking Texas! And only against non-whites! This shit would never fly against a white christian kid. (If so, please point to the example!) You don’t test the limits of statues with white people. You test them with poor minority people, and if it succeeds in court, then you use them against white people. That’s how it works, and that’s most certainly how it works in Texas. (“Texas is the reason that the president’s dead!”)

    I’ve been grabbing a lot of episodes of “cartoons that never should have been” lately. Not for watching, but mostly for having. And laughing at. And fast-forwarding through. And getting a feel of how bad they were. I present you with screenshots from “Police Academy:TAS”? (1991) (imdb).

    https://i2.wp.com/clint.sheer.us/download/imagedump/p0lice-acad3my-tas-vlcsnap-5626254.jpg (more…)

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