Abuse Of Authority

THIN BLUE LINE: The South Florida cop who won’t stay fired

Another example of how unions — generally a good thing — can be abused, just like any other power. People who can take our lives in their hands should have a zero tolerance policy with regard to breaking the law.

There should also be another law that doubles the punishment for any crime by police, but I’m sure it would be constitutionally challenged as not being equal to all people. Except it would: Anyone who becomes a cop would be equally affected by this.

This is disgusting, and not how justice is supposed to work.

Sgt. German Bosque is a waste of taxpayer money and a piece of shit pig who should be fired and jailed. Fuck you, “German”. What kind of name is that anyway?

LINK URL: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/06/30/v-fullstory/2876652/the-south-florida-cop-who-wont.html


I only really found out about all this when my father scanned his father’s pictures. Suffice to say… The odds for my existence seem like they might be lower than usual. I’m a lucky guy. Thanks to all those that helped.




A. Data on witness:

1. My name is MARIA CLARA (RECHEN) L[REDACTED], born October 25, 1918, in Lwow, Poland. My current address is [REDACTED STREET ADDRESS], Alexandria, Virginia, [REDACTED ZIP CODE], USA. I am a housewife.

2. Before and during WWII, I resided at Zimorowicza 16, Lwow, Poland, until October 1941. From October 1941 to August 1942, I lived on Marcina Street, which was that part of Lwow later known as the ghetto. From August 1942 until June 1943, I lived with my rescuers, the Polinski family, on Longina Street, Lwow. From June 1943until May 1945, I was in a Labor Camp in Erkersreuth/Selb, Bavaria, Germany.

3. I was single during the years of World War II and married in 1947.

B. Data On Rescuer

1. My rescuers were JOZEF POLINSKI and his wife JOZEFA POLINSKI, both approximately 42 years of age at that time, and their daughter, WLADYSLAWA, approximately 13 years of age, all of whom lived on Zamarstynowska Street, Lwow, Poland. The family owned and operated a small variety shop on that street and lived in an apartment above the store. In October 1942, the family moved to a villa on the outskirts of Lwow, on Longina Street.

I was in constant contact with the POLINSKI family until their death some years ago. They resided at 51/3 Monte Cassino St, 51-681 Wroclaw, Poland. Their daughter, WLADYSLANA (POLINSKI) KUZILEK, currently resides at that address.

2. JOZEF AND JOZEFA POLINSKI were husband and wife. They had two children, WLADYSLAWA, as indicated above,and LESZEK, 7 or 8 years of age. The family lived together, as indicated.

C. Data on rescue story:

1. I was born of JAKUB and JOZEFA RECHEN, an only child, while living at Zimorowicza 16, Lwow, Poland. When the war started in 1939, we continued living at that address, initially under Russian occupation, utnil the Nazis invaded our town in 1941. On October 1, 1941, my father was “arrested” by the Gestapo, and disappeared without a trace. Shortly thereafter, my mother and I were forced to vacate our home and were forced by the Nazis to move into the disgnated ghetto.

2. In January 1942, while I was trying to purchase some food in the street, I was told by another Jew that I might find food in the shop of Mr. POLINSKI. Although he was Catholic, he was described to me as the “Jewish King” because of his unselfish help to needy Jews. I was told that he had volunteered as Janitor at Nazi quarter so that he could and did steal food for the Jews. I went to him and asked his help in finding potatoes. He disappeared for a while and came back with a sack of potatoes on a sled. He asked my address and pulled the sled to my house and personally delivered it to my mother as the ghetto was still in an open state. He refused money for the potatoes.

The next day, he came with his wife JOZEFA. They brought more unobtainable food for us and adamantly refused payment. They offered further help to us.

A few days later, they brought their two children, WLADYSLAWA and LESZEK, to meet my mother and me.

3. The actual physical rescue performed by the POLINSKI family occurred on August 10, 1942, when I and 3,000 other Jews were taken during an “action” and moved to Janowska Camp in Lwow, where the train took daily groups to unknown destinations.

4. On the movement to Janowska Camp, I was fortunate to be able to pass a message to the POLINSKIS, through a by-stander. Mr. POLINSKI got in touch with a friend inthe “Jewish Militia” which was attached to our Jewish Council. In the very last moments, when our train was loading, my name was called and I was released. On that day, only I and a young mother with a little son were miraculously saved; the rest went to one of the death camps.

5. Upon my release at the train station, the “Jewis Militia” friend was waiting for me and advised me not to return home. He took me to the POLINSKI home, where they hid me. During the next few weeks, the POLINSKI family kept me in hiding. Some of these days, JOZEF POLINSKI had me moved to the home of JOZEFA’s brother, JANEK, and his wife, ANNA, in a different part of town, where I was kept during the days in a small chimney space. On at least one occasion, while i was in the chimney, the Gestapo looked down the chimney from the roof, but could not see, in the poor light, where I was hiding. During September 1941, JOZEF POLINSKI moved me to the home of distant relatives of his family, in a town called Brody, near Lwow, for two weeks. These relatives did not know I was Jewish, but were told that I was hiding for political reasons. I do not remember their names or addresses.

In October 1942 JOZEF POLINSKI bought a villa on the outskirts of Lwow, on Longina Street, and moved his family and me there. During this time, the POLINSKIS acquired “aryan” papers for me. I posed as “Maria Rak”, the daughter of a school janitor. The papers had belonged to the janitor’s decased daughter, who was a nun. I was never asked to pay for these papers. JOZEF POLINSKI was attempting to get papers for my mother, also, but could not get them before she died in the ghetto. In the spring of 1943, the Nazis confiscated POLINSKI’s villa on Longina Street, and we moved, as a family, to an apartment in the same area. I do not remember the street name.

I stayed hidden with the POLINSKI family unti June 1943, when I voluntarily moved, as indicated below, to a Labor Camp.

6. I was never asked to pay for food, lodging, or the false papers provided me. I had no money and could not have paid.

7. I bleieve that their motivation was simply one of desire to help those of us who were being eliminated on the basis of religion. At no time during or following our relationship, and to this day, have they ever exhibited any motivation other than cmopassion.

8. All of the above named and their associates unnamed were in peril of their lives for any one of their many, many acts in my behalf and on behalf of others. The result would have been certain death for all of them, should their actions have been discovered at that time.

9. JOZEFA POLINSKI told others that I was her distant cousin and that I needed to hide because I was married to a Polish officer who was wanted by the Gestapo.

10. My relationship with the family at that time was very warm and our mutual feelings could only be described as that between closest relatives. They were fully protective of me and made sure that I had all available basic requirements.

11. In addition to JOZEF and ZJOZEFA POLINSKI and their daughter, at that time WLADYSLAWA, their son, LESZEK, who was only 7 or 8, did contribute marginally to my maintenance. JOZEFA’S sister, LOLA, married to a Jew, whom she was hiding at the same time and saved, was involved to a degree, in the cover up story. JOZEFA’S brother, JANEK, and his wife, ANNA, were involved in sheltering me. There were others involved, in Lwow and in Brody, but I have forgotten their names now because of the elapsed time.

12. By June 1943, the situation becamse too dangerous because there were groups of Nazis going through apartments, one by one, close by, searching for innocents. Again, JOZEF POLINSKI was able to put my name on a list of “volunteers” for a labor in Germany, where I would pose as MARIA RAK, and would undoubtedly be more safe than in Lwow. On June 10, 1943, I arrived in Erkersreuth/Selb, Bavaria, and was assigned to a labor camp near the Rosenthal factory, where I was put to work. I survived in the labor camp until April, 1945. As the American armies approached, our “Lager fuhrerin” decided to send a few of us trouble-makers to Flossenburg, a death camp. When we arrived there, we found that the Nazi guards were running away and they paid little attentiont o us. They released us and we met the American Army on our return trip to Selb. Having some English, I was able to get a minor position in the Field Red Cross of the 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, where I met the Assistant Ajutant, CWO James B. L[REDACTED], whom I married in 1947, in Austria. We returned to the USA in June 1947 and 3 years later I became an American citizen.

13. I witnessed the POLINSKIS delivering false papers to “ZOSIA” and her brother, “ADAM” (last names unknown). Both were from Krakow and they later departed for Warsaw, where, I understand, they both survived the war. There was no payment made to the POLINSKIS for these papers.

14. (See Paragraph 5, above.)

15. I wish to nominate the following to the “Righteous Among The Nations”:
They are all three most deserving of the award.

Dated Feb 8 1993
Maria Clara L[REDACTED]
[notorized by City Of Alexandria]

Ronnie L, born Maria Clara Rechen, is Clint’s grandmother (dad’s mom). Born 10/25/1918 in Lvov, Poland. Died 11/13/2003 in Alexandria, VA.
Daughter of Jozefa and Jacob, she was the only survivor of the holocaust in her family. She was liberated from a work camp by Clint’s grandfather (James Bernard L.), who stormed Normandy 20 minutes into the D-Day invasion.

Furthermore, here is what she wrote about her father:


“My father: Jacob Rechen.
Born 28 August 1880(circa) in Lwow,Poland and deported by Gestapo on 1 October 1942,died on or about that time in the prison, at the age of about 64 years.

He was born as a son of a well-to-do family, his father being chief cantor in the Temple and his mother being one of the best and most known at the time fashion designer and owner of a fashion house. My Father started his early career working with printing houses, later changed to advertisement field and through most of his working years kept this line, parallel to other enterprises.

He was director and representative of “Piast” Insurance Co. for the whole region of Southern Poland, he had exlucisve representation of French Movie Corp. “Goumont” for Poland, later was co-partner in “Fox” representation for this part of Poland. While having those positions, he edited and published several publishments in the theatrical, radio and movie fields and from those and advertisements had a very handsome side-profit.

In very early Thirties he was elected a representative and director of P.A.P. (Polish Publicisttic Agency) which had at that time the exclusive right to advertisement in radio, a novelty in those years. This position was very lucrative, with a high permanent pay plus percentage from advertisements from So. Poland’s regions.

His income in the last 15 years, before the war was very high, he owned, bought and resold serveral houses, with a good profit and at the beginning of war was an owner of a apartment and commercial building on Pl.Bernardynski and apartment house on Galaba Str., had several hundred of stick in mineral and petroleum fields around Drohobyez-Boryslaw, and two of his personal friends owed him at that time $10,000 and $7,000 repsectively–which never were returned to him or his family. Many of his profits were invested in jewelry for my Mother and myself, quite a few were also inherited from grandparents.

Both of my Parents traveled every summer to foreign health-resort while I traveled separately, also abroad. My Father never refused any of my requests and had our family in all available luxuries. (I had my 1st fur-coat at the age of 12 yrs.) We have led active social life, attending all possible concerts, theatre, movies, horse-races, having visitors from other cities, visiting them in return, etc., etc.”

And here is what Germany said back, 35 years later:

“Dear Mrs. L[REDACTED]: Today I received the following letter from BLEA in your matter of compensation:

‘In the application of compensation your client claims that she was forced to stay in Ghetto for the period 15 July 1941 till October 1942 for wearing the jewish star. From October 1942 until she was liberated in April 1945 she had to live under inhumanly circumstances – illegal – and with an assumed name.

The applicants time in arrest however has only been proved partly so that a full recognition of the claims can not be approved of. The office feels that a comparable agreement on the basis of anadjudgement of the claims of DM 4.500.–would be suitable to liquidate all compensation claims. Should you agree with this settlement you are kindly requested to sign the inclosed draft on the lower left hand corner and to send it to the office as soon as possible. This proposition, however, bears no obligation for either side, it is rather a possibility to come to an agreement.’

I kindly ask you now to inform me whether you would want me to sign this proposed settlement of DM 4.500.– for the liquidation of all your claims for compensation in accordance with the ‘Republic-Compensation-Law’ or if you wish to reject this proposal. I would strongly recommend that you accept this agreement.”

Fuck that.

Yea, when you hear about restitution for Palestinians who were kicked out of their family homes — or Japanese-Americans put in concentration camps in America during WW2 — this is what I tend to point to. Restitution is bullshit. It is a pittance given decades later. It is never what was taken. Too little, too late. It is just so that people can say, “Oh, they paid restitution, they’re absolved of all sin now, and everybody’s all better.” NO. This *doesn’t* make it fine.

Fuck the racists of the world. 

After seeing some people scream “police state” in some rather ridiculous situations — I’ve decided to introduce a new tag to my links: “NOT Abuse Of Authority”.


It is harmful to the cause of liberty if people scream “Abuse Of Authority” in a situation where it is not. It makes it look like there are those who simply have no respect for the rule of law, or those who simply can’t differentiate from two kinds of situations, and thus aren’t worth listening to. And it sends a message to the conservative half of our country that we need more enforcement, less police accountability, and more rules — to counteract these “anarchists” who have “no respect for rule of law” and are “against” them.

We need law.

We need order.

If you don’t like it, live in Somalia or rural Mexico. See how well you fare without the police around to ensure a modicum of order. If you’re rural, you’ll probably be fine. If you’re around large groups of people with no law, good luck. You’ll need it. Especially if you’re a woman, or are demographically different from the prevailing group.

The problem with police is they are power-hungry abusive violent thugs and abuse their authority; that does not mean the authority itself is wrong, or that this is true for all cops. I don’t want cops killed. Cops have pretty much saved my life. I don’t want cops killed; I want injustice stopped.

Specifically what brought this tag on is people shouting “police state” at the “girl punched for jaywalking” [simpleton’s summary] story. But anyone with an ability to discern should know that, as expert photojournalist Carlos Miller so well put, “Seattle Girl Had It Coming To Her“.


The story as I understand it:

1) School builds taxpayer-funded skywalk for students to cross the street without interfering with traffic.

2) Students ignore taxpayer-funded skywalk, and instead walk in the street, not in an intersection, to the detriment of the drivers, who paid taxes for the road, for their car, and for the gas they are wasting when they hit their brakes to save the lives of idiot kids who walk in front of traffic.

3) School asks police to come enforce jaywalking, in order to make the kids use the fucking skywalk they’re supposed to use. I’m pretty sure any reasonable parent would support this, as nobody wants their kid run over.

4) Police send one officer, as we shouldn’t have to fund TWO officer’s salaries every time we want anything done. We already spend enough tax money. One officer is enough; they have guns, they have the power to get a job done without a partner, even if a partner would be a better way to do it.

5) Cop tickets male for jaywalking.

6) Two females decide they don’t like this, and go over and push the cop, interfere with his duties, and assault him. If I went up to you at your job, and pushed you out of your chair, I would be guilty of assault too. But these girls were guilty of assaulting an officer.

7) Cop shows amazing restraint in not whipping out billyclub, taser, or gun, and simply tries to wrestle the girl. But, as any schoolteacher knows, even a 10-year-old can be hard to overcome, let alone two 17-year-old girls with a major attitude problem.

8) Crowd gets close enough to the cop that they could have grabbed his gun, hit him in the head, etc, etc. Meanwhile girls are still assaulting him.

9) After the girl struggles with the officer for OVER TWO MINUTES, cop makes one punch. A pulled punch. Girl isn’t even sent to the hospital with a broken nose, because it was not a full-on punch.

10) Situation is immediately put under control, girls are arrested, I’m thinking the actual jaywalker was only ticketed because he did not resist, and the kids know to USE THE FUCKING SKYWALK WE PAYED FOR WITH OUR TAXES.


This is not police state bullshit.
This is how the system is supposed to work.
Jaywalking laws ARE VALID.
Laws are to be challenged IN COURT.
Car accidents are the biggest accidental threat to life that exists.
Safety measures related to cars are about the only valid safety measures our government actually deals with. (Our terrorism safety measures are a joke; terrorism kills 300 Americans a year on average [10 yr average], car accidents kill OVER FORTY THOUSAND A YEAR.)


Those who want to fight and argue about this issue are actually HELPING THE POLICE ABUSE in 2 ways:

1) Ignoring ACTUAL cases of police abuse and spending energy against REAL VICTIMS to whine about these FAKE victims.

2) Providing conservatives with an example of liberalism that they can use and gloat for for the rest of their lives. “Yew librawls dun even wan jaywalkin’ laws, of course yew canuh stand up to terrarism or hav anythun worth thinkin’ bout law!”


So here’s my second example: This story: http://www.ocregister.com/news/police-256210-claim-koenig.html

I’ve said time and time again that POLICE CANNOT SHOOT AT MOVING CARS. It’s not only against policy, but it’s also using deadly force in a situation where a person is not a threat. It’s also stupid. Typically it is someone running away from police that police shoot to death. Typically it’s for a lesser crime that does not carry the death penalty. Typically it represents 1 death versus a situation that otherwise would have 0 deaths.

However, all generalities are made to be broken, and this is a situation that breaks the general rule that police cannot shoot at moving cars. This guy wasn’t just running away from police. He wasn’t just speeding, or smuggling drugs. He was driving on the WRONG side of the road, and hit *FIVE* — yes FIVE — cars. Possibly going 100MPH, but nobody clocked him. Doesn’t matter. He hit 5 cars on the wrong side of the road.

Then he started driving away AGAIN after the police came. They shot 5 or 6 times, and he was killed.

Now, I would have liked for the police to have been able to end this in another method. But the fact of the matter is, 5 cars + wrong side of the road + continuing to do it more. This guy was a threat. If he had gone on to kill somebody, then people would have whined that the police did not do enough. This isn’t 1 death versus 0 deaths, this is 1 death versus many potential deaths.

If a tiger was loose and about to attack me, I would hope the police would shoot it. This person, by hitting 5 cars going the wrong way on the highway and STILL not stopping, had, in effect, turned himself into a metaphorical tiger. He was a wild animal. There is no time for a trial. He had to be put down before he killed somebody. He was damn lucky to NOT have killed someone already by hitting FIVE CARS ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD.

And now his parents are suing.

And for once, I’m on the side of the police, and against the people suing. I’m, more or less, in support of the police shooting, to death, an unarmed man fleeing in his vehicle.

I may change my mind if I find more circumstance, but for now, let this serve as an example that I *AM* capable of discerning. I do not simply think “everytime a cop does something, it’s wrong”, or “everytime a cop shoots someone unarmed, it’s wrong”. THE REAL WORLD IS NUANCED. I’ll try to be too. This is a case of saving lives by stopping a killer. Vehicular manslaughter is still death. This guy fucked up not once, but twice. He continued to do it AFTER injuring people.

So anyway, I shall, from now on, occasionally post “NOT Abuse Of Authority” stories, just to show that I don’t universally rule against the police, and to provide a bit of balance to this blog.

After all, if Carlos Miller did it, I can too. He’s an idol of mine at this point. (more…)

Anyone care to refute any of this?

“When a person, being without fault, is in a place where he has a right to be, is violently assaulted, he may, without retreating, repel by force, and if, in the reasonable exercise of his right of self defense, his assailant is killed, he is justified.” Runyan v. State, 57 Ind. 80; Miller v. State, 74 Ind. 1.

“These principles apply as well to an officer attempting to make an arrest, who abuses his authority and transcends the bounds thereof by the use of unnecessary force and violence, as they do to a private individual who unlawfully uses such force and violence.” Jones v. State, 26 Tex. App. I; Beaverts v. State, 4 Tex. App. 1 75; Skidmore v. State, 43 Tex. 93, 903.

“An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.” (State v. Robinson, 145 ME. 77, 72 ATL. 260).

Each person has the right to resist an unlawful arrest. In such a case, the person attempting the arrest stands in the position of a wrongdoer and may be resisted by the use of force, as in self- defense.” (State v. Mobley, 240 N.C. 476, 83 S.E. 2d 100).

“One may come to the aid of another being unlawfully arrested, just as he may where one is being assaulted, molested, raped or kidnapped. Thus it is not an offense to liberate one from the unlawful custody of an officer, even though he may have submitted to such custody, without resistance.” (Adams v. State, 121 Ga. 16, 48 S.E. 910).

And on the issue of actually killing an arresting officer in self defense:

“Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529 (more…)

It’s good to see that our police are helping serve and protect our country’s interest in preserving free spech! (That’s sarcasm.)

Alicia Forrest was arrested outside Civic Center Park after confronting officers and asking them questions about another arrest they were making, said Sally Newman, legal liaison and spokeswoman for the group.


What a scumbag. Watch the video for yourself. This is an annual bike rally *to promot safety* for bicyclists. And Patrick Rogan’s first move after doing this? Arresting the guy for “attempted assault” (bullshit), and the 2 catch-all charges of “disorderly conduct” and “resisting arrest”, which any officer can give any human at any time and have it be sustained in most courts of law.

How was he obstructing traffic if he’s riding in a rally with 100s of other bikers? He seemed to be picked at random. The officer couldn’t have communicated with him prior to shoving him down, because he was on foot and would have been out of vocal range.

Asshole Officer Patrick Rogan had the gall to say that the bicyler tried to run him over. Judging from the video, he certainly seems to be a lying pig:

One bad cop ruins the good that 1000 good cops can do. Better for traffic to be obstructed than any american having a random chance of winning the police brutality lottery. This fucker should get his ass pounded in prison, and should be individual sued with no immunity by the biker. He should have to pay for any injuries out of his own pocket. But of course he wont. He’ll just get a new cop job in another state, like they almost always do. Come back to this post in a few months or years to see how it turned out.

LINK: http://wcbstv.com/local/cop.slams.biker.2.781944.html
BACKUP: http://www.badcopnews.com/2008/07/29/new-york-city-police-officer-patrick-pogan-placed-on-desk-duty-after-brutal-unprovoked-attack-on-bicyclist/

Trent Reznor takes 2 minutes to introduce the video for Revolution Action — which happens to be my favorite song. Ever. And since my 3 favorite bands are The Misfits, Ween, and Atari Teenage Riot — I just had to share this. It looks like Reznor likes ATR for some of the same reasons I do:

And of course, I invite everyone to check out the extremely cool and creative video for “Revolution Action”. This is the banned version:

Of course, no mention of Atari Teenage Riot is complete without mentioning the actual riot that they started with their song “Start The Riot” (and “Into The Death”) in Berlin, Germany, complete with police brutality. They were arrested. Here are highlights (3 minutes):

I love how Alec Empire yells “We will never die!” as they are put into the police van. Too bad he was wrong, with Carl Crack dying of an overdose in the week before 9/11.

It’s a crazy day today! Check it out… The Jessica Rabbit picture is a realization of many childhood fantasies! (more…)

I stayed up late last night and poured the net for cool flickr links… And if anyone is wondering, the NIN single is encoded VBR. (more…)

  • WATER WARS: UN rejects access to water as basic human right — You have no right to live; you are a slave. “A hungry man is never free.” – Even truer for a thirsty man. They actually removed all references that recognized access to water as a human right from their resolution! Bottled water buyers have increased the potential profit so much that there are now likely corporate influences on global politics. The privatization of water has been one of the most important events to happen to us as a species in decades, is a much bigger deal than fighting over oil and energy, and is generally under-focused in the media. It’s only going to get worse. (tags: water rights UN)
  • Read on for more stories.. Lots more today———> (more…)

Man spends 9.5 months in jail because raped woman said “that’s him“. Of course, while he was in jail, the real rapist came back and raped her again (2 months later). He still wasn’t released until 7.5 months after THAT. That’s 9.5 months after the attack. This stuff happens all the time; before DNA, he would go to prison for decades or life based on someone pointing. Especially if he was black. The Innocence Project has exhonerated tons of people serving life sentences for falsely-accused rapes. But of course, since most of them are black, people would rather protect white woman’s rights — even when it means sending innocent people to prison. (tags: sex rape OverlyHarshPunishments DNA exhonerated falselyAccused)

I gotta figure out how to get this Tim And Eric album.  Anyway, read on for the list. I think I’m slowly learning what not to do to mess up the formatting with the new version of wordpress. (more…)

CONSPIRACY NEWS OF THE DAY: War coming soon? U.S. Navy shoots down U.S. Air Force plane which squawked a CIA Identification Code??? Was possibly on attack path towards Iranian power plant??? Who the hell knows what actually happens within the military. Likely, nobody. So if there is any truth at all to this article — I would actually NOT be surprised. Scary stuff. Iran is not winnable, yet there are factions in our govt (coughCheneycough) that would be quite willing to bring us into a war to make a quick buck. To quote Ministry in “The Dick Song” (from The Last Sucker (2007)), Dick Cheney is the chosen one, and the Son Of Satan.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY: DC fascist pig police arrest Libertarians who dared to dance (with headphones) at the Jefferson Memorial to celebrate Thomas Jefferson’s birthday. MEMORIAL IS OPEN 24/7. “Disorderly conduct?” This should be a major lawsuit. Taxpayers funded the memorial, and any taxpayer can go there. The first amendment guarantees right to peaceful assembly, and that’s exactly what this was. This also does not meet the DC definition of the size of demonstration which requires a permit: 25. (Though I think that measure is incredibly unconstitutional as well. The government can make no law limiting peaceful assembly, yet they did. Either way, it still doesn’t apply here.)  Also: In D.C., disorderly conduct can be considered not moving on when an officer tells you — on a street. But this wasn’t a street, and the person in question had headphones on, so they did not necessarily hear!  They also would not give badge numbers as instructed by law, and cursed at people. When people asked why they had to curse (repeating the profanity), they were threatened with arrest for repeating the same word the officers said.

It’s almost like they were trying to see how many different ways you can break the First Amendment at once. Perhaps they can make a video game.

Today was kind of a gross day for the news. D.C. going after people for parking tickets that they gave to stolen cars, pornographers being charged for daring to sell porn over the internet (something that is commonplace for 15 years!), cities changing their yellow lights to be shorter than legally required in order to make more money on red light cameras, and other gross news.


ABUSE OF AUTHORITY / TECHNOLOGY WAR / CENSORSHIP / CORPORATIONS: Time Warner/RoadRunner blocking web access to BadCopNews.com — but only in Southern California, where Officer Franklin White shot a mom & her 8-year-old son in an alleged road rage incident. Assuming the cause and effect are true (And they certainly seem to be), then if this does not anger every American reading it, I question whether you belong in my country. Corporate censorship is legal, but you can be damn sure it was government pressure that caused this. DON’T PAY FOR ISPs THAT WORK AGAINST YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. What the hell? You pay money to access the internet, a world of information, and you can’t even find out about a local cop that shoots 8-year-olds, because the company you paid has decided to give you the privilege of paying for your own censored ignorance? FUCK YOU, COMCAST. Someone should burn a flag in front of their headquarters. Read on for PARACHUTING KITTIES. (more…)

Particularly funny are the D&D stats! Did you know George W. Bush constitution is really high? I think it should be 0. (There’s a joke that exactly 3 readers got.)

Read on for the links, and an explanation (in the comments) of why Apple’s legal action is both unnecessary and hypocritical. (more…)

Bush immune to amendment. Cell phone-enabled speeding. Jesse Ventura. (more…)

D.C. stadium visitor forced to delete pictures (no, it was not Glen) “We have the authority to ask them to remove the picture from the camera.” (“ask” could be the operative word in that statement) STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, people.

TECHNOLOGY WAR: All cars in the last 2 years broadcast their identity in plaintext on RF spectrums. In other words, they could, for example, create a bomb that only explodes when a specific car passes it, without any sort of camera attached. NOT GOOD. And sold to us as being “for your protection”, of course. How long until it’s illegal to disable these?

If the War On Drugs is so important that we have the highest prison population in the planet because of it — then why are the police allowed to be above the law? Cop+Wife stole pot and cocaine from evidence room. Not charged. Think you wouldn’t be charged if you stole this from an evidence room? Why do they get off free? With great power comes more responsibility, not less! Remember — this is the cop that baked the weed up into brownies with his wife, ate them, then called 911 saying, “I think we’re dying. Time is going really, really slow.” It was all over the news. Of COURSE they’re not charged! Now he can continue to be a cop elsewhere! And really, I think all drugs should be legalized — but the fact of the matter is, it is a crime that they themselves arrest people for, but somehow they themselves are exempt at the same time. It’s quite easy to to not question the validity of enforcing a bad law, when that law is not forced upon you.

UNDERLY-HARSH PUNISHEMNTS, VIDEO INCLUDED: How much jail time do you think you would get for pushing a cop down some stairs? Officer Fernando Trinidad is scum. If it’s the other way around, however, cops can push you down some stairs, and, get this–only lose 8 hours vacation time. Your tax dollars at work to abuse you.! They actually charged her w/battery on a law enforcement officer, but they were of course dropped. It’s a typical police tactic to charge someone they abuse with battery, so that they will go away and not complain about the brutality in exchange for charges being dropped. But of course, once dropped, these people usually sue (and they should — cops lie when they make deals all the time, and would like to put you in jail, if they decided their gut told them that was there you belonged).

911: AOL News site bans PrisonPlanet.com links, because this corporation doesn’t like other news sites talking about 911 conspiracies Real nice. AOL customers pay for the privilege of being censored? Or, if it’s free — the “value added” by using it is that you don’t get alternate viewpoints. Just fucking dandy. Anyway, this is old news, but PrisonPlanet just heard about it… probably because nobody uses AOL services :) ZING!

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