May 2008

Megatron is horny!

 movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Killer Bud is a very low-rated movie — 4.1 on IMDB, and 2.5 stars on Netflix. We’d been avoiding watching it, but as we run out of better movies, we watch the worse ones. This movie is an excercise in watching the idiocy of two stoned losers. I’m not sure who would go into this movie expecting something brilliant, but apparently a lot of people were disappointed. It is described as “like The Stoned Age, but much worse”. Basically, 2 loser stoners get fired, meet some girls, and spend all night trying to get them weed to smoke. They also manage to [highlight for spoilers] break into a convenience store in such a manner that they are unable to break back out.

PEOPLE: The 2 leading losers were brilliantly cast. Say you need to cast a loser? Who do you cast for irony value? Someone who can’t lose, right? And that’s what they did: The alpha male is played by Corin Nemec, better known as Parker Lewis from Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (and a scummy Scientologist, according to Wikipedia). Seeing this actor in a total juxtaposition of his “can’t lose” role was very interesting — in this movie, he is a total loser. Parker Lewis Can’t Win! I’m not sure if this is an admission on his part that his career is shit, or that he realizes that self-deprecating parody can actually be good for your career. Either way: Good casting. And the beta male of our stoned duo? David Faustino (aka Bud Bundy from Married… With Children). These two guys made a great pair of losers — they’d get along with Cheech & Chong quite well. This was good casting. Without them, the movie probably would have actually been as bad as everyone said it was. The 2 girls were played by Caroline Keenan and Danielle Harris, both of whom are relatively unknown.

QUIRKS: A mysterious, militaristic, clad in black, sunglasses-wearing character named “The Gooch”, played by Robert Stack, really only exists as to get them out of trouble. The inflatable raft motor was hilarious! And another character — a teacher-turned-gangster — helped keep things dangerous.

BAD STUFF: I think Caroline Keenan is hot, and it’s a shame that this movie more or less killed her sad, sad career. Of course almost any negative criticism hurled at this movie is likely valid, but none of that stopped us from enjoying this film.

CONCLUSION: We actually liked this better than Homegrown, Bongwater and Cheech & Chong’s Corsican Brothers (not yet reviewed), the last 3 “stoner” movies that we watched. It exceeded our expectations. It was nothing more than a horny stoned loser caper — and it worked.

RECOMMENDATION: If you are able to watch a movie without taking it seriously, like stoned horny capers, and love the actors involved … See this. I’d actually rate this 3 stars on Netflix, and a 6.5/10 on IMDB.

Make sure to click through — he also does Beavis & Butt-head, Peter Griffin from Family Guy, Johnny Bravo, and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.

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