Well, in the spirit of the holidays… here is an interesting anecdote from Christmas past, involving my since-deceased grandmother (Maria/Ronnie L), Caroyn, & and I.  All I will say before the ‘click more’ is: Lumpy egg-nog. . .

If you click on the photo below, you can see how Ian‘s photo spurred the initial discussion of the anecdote.  But it went something like this:

Egg-Nog is my favorite drink, ever.

When the grandparents got a bit old (before passing on), they served me & Carolyn eggnog.

But it was a bit rotten.  It actually had lumps in it.

I still drank mine.  Carolyn was disgusted, so she pretended to ignore her drink.  Then, I grabbed Carolyn’s egg-nog, and drank it all as well.

The goodness of eggnog, the best drink on the planet, trumps the badness of any kind of rotting dairy lumps.  I’m a total glutton.  I love egg nog so much I will consume rotten dairy lumps just to get at some.  I may as well be a pig or an insect. :)