I am a police officer who shoots multiple people delivering furniture to me.  I deserve to die.Keith Washington is a scumbag lowlife alleged murderer as far as I am concerned, and deserves a murder charge in my opinion. He is a Maryland police officer (and high-ranking homeland security official) who ordered a bed from Marlow. When the deliverymen came, one went in and Mr. Washington got angry with him over a scratched headboard.

The deliveryman went back out to the truck and called the supervisor, telling the supervisor how angry Keith Washington was. “He’s looking for a fight,” the deliveryman said. Then, both men went in to deal with the bed situation.

Keith Washington told them to leave, and as they were allegedly walking out the door, he shot one of them. The other tried to help the first, and also got shot. 3 times. 1 died.

Here is the coward cop killer actually having the gall to liken himself to a victim of sexual assault. Yes, those of us who have sympathy against people who are victims of sexual crims are supposed to be feeling for this killer cop. Yea right.

Here’s some background on cop killer Keith Washington:

  • Washington has come under investigation at least three times by the Prince George’s police department for assault complaints or “unbecoming conduct” and has been sued at least twice, including once by a D.C. police officer who said that Washington assaulted him and had him falsely arrested, according to interviews and court records.
  • D.C. Police Officer Robert L. Johnson Jr. was walking across the parking lot of the Oak Tree Restaurant in Oxon Hill in 1994 when Washington stopped him. Washington “physically constrained” him and “placed him under arrest with no justification,” according to court records. Johnson then sued Washington (among others) for assault, battery and false arrest. The case was dismissed after Johnson was shot and killed in 1997 after a traffic dispute near the 6th District police station, where he worked.
  • In court testimony recounted by the Washington Post, Essex recalled the post-accident confrontation with Washington. You caused this accident!” snarled the officer. That’s a decision for the court to to make,” Essex reasonably replied. Out here, I am the court,” declared Washington. When Essex disagreed, Washington placed him under arrest. A mechanic named David Paul Maslousky, who was a passenger in Essex’s car, was thrown to the ground and arrested for “hindering” Washington in the performance of his duties, a charge that was later dropped. In 2000, a federal civil jury awarded $260,000 to the plaintiff in the civil rights suit against Washington and county correctional officers.

  • Washington also was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into whether he hit a member of the Simmons Acres Homeowners Association during a homeowners’ association meeting
  • “Keith has a bad temper,” said Michon Charles, the mother of Washington’s teenage daughter, Hali. “He gets hot under the collar very quickly.”
  • He went through a period of not paying child support, court records show.

When running for office, this is what cop killer Keith Washington had to saya bout himself:

“My leadership skills gained from over 20 years as an Army officer, my background in public safety and history of public service in this county.”
-Keith Washintgon, quote originally HERE

By the way, the campaign mailbox is dist9forkeith@aol.com. Drop them a message. I sent a simple short one: “Keith, you are a fucking murderer. You deserve the chair.”

“While delivering furniture, did I do anything that warranted the death penalty?”
“Even if I had a criminal record, is that justification to ignore my death as an issue?”
“My family’s insurance doesn’t cover burial fees. They can’t even afford a proper funeral.”


HERE is an article about the canedelight vigils being held by family.

HERE is the “one who survived”‘s recount of the incident.

HERE is Prince George’s County Executive, Jack Johnson, saying the killer cop should return to his work at the police departmen.

HERE is another article, where the police say this is justified.

HERE is an article ‘Loved Ones Remember…’


This guy is now dead because he delivered furniture.
“I was shot too.”
“The county was acually going to charge me with assault, but dropped the charges when the other guy was about to die — nice P.R.”
“Can’t we all just get along, at least while delivering furniture?”

People — you need to realize we live in a police state, and we are not actuall a free country. The government, and its agents, can and will shoot you anytime, and will get away with it every time.

I like shootiong people.
“You’re next, Domino’s deliveryman.”
“I like to shoot people.”

“I don’t call 911 first. I call my cop buddy first, and claim it’s a burglary.”



Here are some other travails of the Prince George’s County Police Deparment; shootings which they have said are justified:

  • An unarmed construction worker was shot in the back after he was detained in a fast-food restaurant.
  • An unarmed suspect died in a fusillade of 66 bullets as he tried to flee in a car from police
  • A homeless man was shot when police mistook his portable radio for a gun
  • And an unarmed man was killed after he pulled off the road to relieve himsel

In Maryland, officers enjoy immunity from questioning for 10 days following the use of deadly force. This interval can is exploited by corrupt police to creating a consistent cover story.

At the beginning of the decade, corruption became so pervasive that the Justice Department put the police under FBI scrutiny.

Surprisingly, there is so much “bad cop news”, that the site “Bad Cop News” has posted around 40 new articles since this happened!!