I'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Not available on Netflix.] Another movie with another low IMDB rating: 5.0. But with this cast (see below), we just had to watch it.

PEOPLE: Andrew Dice Clay was the sole reason for renting this (as well as the reason for renting The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane)! Also: Denis Leary, who was in Demolition Man, which we recently watched.

QUIRKS: It’s actually a trilogy of 3 short films, each about a different deadly sin: Lust, Greed, and Anger. It comes off as an attempt to be more “artsy” than most National Lampoon movies, as the focus is not comedy, but capturing the mood of the 3 sins.

BAD STUFF: The first segment, Lust, held our attention due to the sex angle, but ultimatley did not deliver much good. The second segment, Greed, was delightfully ironic, but dragged on SOOO SLOOOWWWWWLY that it hurt. The ending was poingnant, but this 2nd segment comprised over 50% of the movie, which was way too much!

CONCLUSION: The movie is completely redeemed by the 3rd segment, which is only 12 minutes long. Andrew Dice Clay fans MUST, MUST, MUST watch it. It’s one of his great performances! Andrew Dice Clay gets in a fight with his wife (who was Alex from Wings), goes to the store all angry, [highlight for spoilers] gets shot, goes to hell, and basically out-assholes The Devil himself in an extremely display of “Andrew Dice Clay-ness”. It was basically a 12-minute-long rant by Dice, who we both recently saw live recently.

RECOMMENDATION: See segment #3, especially if you are a Dice fan! Watch segment #2 if you like Tales From The Crypt and those types of ironic stories, where characters meet a fate that provides them with just deserts. Avoid segment #1, but honestly, most guys wont be able to avoid a segment called “Lust”.

COINCIDENCES: (Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde, National Lampoon’s Favorite Deadly Sins) 2 movies in a row where guys had to walk out of a room covering up their hardons.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Nobody has seen this.

Mood: getting hungry again
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