It’s not my first, but it’s my funniest.

First off, Freezepop‘s “title song” — which they don’t perform live anymore [they told me when I requested it at a show] — introduces all the members of the band. One of them is The Duke Of Candied Apples, though he has since changed his name to the Duke Of Pannekoeken. The lyric in the song goes like so:

“The Duke Of Candied Apples is my name
making blippy beats that will put yours to shame
email me,
1.7 gigs of spam is what you’ll get.”

So finally, after years of listening to this, and after emailing Liz Enthusiasm to tell her they should cover Men Without Hats Pop Goes The World, I figured, “I’m already emailing them. Let’s go for the 1.7 gigs of spam!”

So I emailed

“From: __Clint__
Date: Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 1:59 PM
Subject: i want my 1.7 gigs of spam

and i want it now

less rokk, moar spamm


[Un?]surprisingly, I got a response 11 days later!

“From: the duke of pannekoeken
Date: Sat, Feb 6, 2010 at 2:19 PM

hahaha! yeah, about that. um… hm.. i dont really do that any more : )

how about enjoying this nice picture of spam?

So yeah. I got my spam. It may not be 1.7 gigs, but I feel vindicated.

And here’s the actual song:

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