movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Our quest to watch all Anna Faris movies continues.

PEOPLE: Anna Faris. Roger Kumble (Cruel Intentions). Ryan Reynolds (the male nurse from Harold & Kumar 1, Deadpool in the next X-Men movie, and was also in Dick.) Amy Smart (Starship Troopers. She also plays Strawberry Shortcake whenever she appears in Robot Chicken). Chris Klein (American Pie 1 & 2).

QUIRKS: Ryan Reynolds in a fat suit in the beginning of the movie == creepy. You see, the movie starts in high school, when Reynolds tells Amy Smart that he’s always loved her. But she only ever saw him as a friend. Later, he grows up, is no longer fat, and is a hotshot record producer. Anna Faris plays a completely batshit crazy pop celebrity (who I’d love to hang out with), quite possibly modeled after Britney Spears. They end up with private jet difficulties (caused by Anna Faris acting like a blonde and microwaving tin foil inside the private jet, starting a cabin fire), and Reynolds ends up staying in his home town. Of course he’s going to try to see his old high school friend, at which point more “romantic comedy” ensues.

BAD STUFF: Just another romantic comedy. Throwing a fat suit into the beginning doesn’t really change that.

CONCLUSION: This has it’s funny moments. Since it seems MOST comedies are romantic comedies — excluding the genre as a whole would deprive us of many laughs. The problem is the time in between the laughs. But this touched on being in the “friend zone”, something most guys have had to deal with at one time or another. There’s some non-unique lessons in this movie. And some good dialog. Anna Faris is not the main female lead, but she definitely adds to it with her trademark crazy/ditsy character acting.

RECOMMENDATION: Anna Faris fans, romantic comedy fans, or people who have dealt with being “just friends” — can definitely enjoy this movie. Just don’t make it the highlight of your week. It’s a generic, passable movie.

MOVIE QUOTE #1: Mike: “Yeah I slapped the ham to it about an hour ago.”
Chris’ Mom: “What ham did you slap hunny? I hope it wasn’t the one I just bought.”

MOVIE QUOTE #2: Chris: “Y’see, when a girl decides that you’re her friend, you’re no longer a dating option. You become a complete non-sexual entity in her eyes, like a brother… or a lamp.”
Ray: “I don’t want to be a lamp…”
(I love lamp?)

COINCIDENCE #1: (Splendor, Just Friends) 2 movies in a row with scenes where characters romantically involved are talking to each other in a public place that has large screens where, on those screens, the same people are talking to each other. Strange coincidence.

COINCIDENCE #2 (kind of a double-coincidence): (Just Friends, Wasted) 2 movies in a row with people returning to the town they went to high school in, as well as scene/plots involving trying to get out of the ‘friend zone’ by dating a female friend they were interested in. Wasted was more depressing.

With all these coincidences… Movies are starting to feel the same. I think we’re starting to get sick of them! 2009 will probably involve watching more series and fewer movies.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj really liked it.

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