movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Wikipedia page] [Not available on Netflix.] Slated to air on E!, but then it didn’t… So now it airs in Canada, where audiences are much less close minded about adult-oriented animation than they are in America. Either way: We can’t get enough adult cartoons, and Canada has always been a prime source of entertainment for us!

PLOT SUMMARY: An overworked-and-underpaid young talk-show producer has to struggle with the daily crises of the show’s egomaniacal host, “Dee”.

HAIKU: Edgy adult toons.
There will never be enough…
So here’s another!

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): [highlight for spoilers]→ Bitchy TV host throws constant shitfits.

PEOPLE: Parker is played by Kristin Booth (the strap-on girl from Young People Fucking, and a cashier in Detroit Rock City), while Dee is played by Kim Cattrall (Sex In The City, Star Trek 6, Big Trouble In Little China, Police Academy, Porky’s).

Chicago Hyatt (a play on “Paris Hilton”) is voiced by Sarah Cornell, a nobody in the voiceover world. However, she’s worth mentioning, because her cartoonishly oversexed voice should really be used in more adult cartoons! (“Girls… there’s enough of me to go around.”) She is up there with Jessica Rabbit in being one of the sexiest cartoon characters ever rendered — and her voice and slutty ditsy attitude are a big part of it. After all, she is an intern. What do you expect?
Simon is played by Aaron Abrams, who was also in Young People Fucking.

QUIRKS: Adult animation with no holds barred; Canadian broadcasting standards are totally different. We see nipple in one episode. We see feet sucked in 3 episodes. A glass of semen is drank in one. The show is not as crass as this makes it sound; it simply is bereft of the standards and practices forced upon American cartoons.

And we have a talking dog. From Dilbert to Family Guy to American Dad to Slacker Cats, it seems every adult cartoon wants to have talking animals. It’s almost a way of saying, “Don’t take this too seriously, and remember that it’s a cartoon!” The fact that her dog talks is actually a secret. Plots do NOT generally revolve around the dog, who doesn’t even appear in every episode. Just worth mentioning because it’s one of the “cartoony” aspects of the show.

VISUALS: Flash-animated, like most newer Canadanimation. Backgrounds do not have much detail, and are frequently re-used. This show is more about the dialog and gags than its visual appearance.

MORALS: ANYTHING FOR RATINGS! In one episode, they have a woman give her best friend her *only* remaining kidney. Live surgery, on the air, with the woman dying once her *only* kidney is removed. These network executives have no morals at all… And the fact that they have now made a TV show where network executives have no morals is self-referential hilarity.

BAD STUFF: I don’t really think the theme song is the greatest. And Dee is ANNOYING AS HELL. But that’s the point of her character!

This show has typically negative reviews from prudish people who can’t stand the sex (OMG, Chicago drank a glass of semen at the sperm bank! At 6PM when my kids can watch!), people who think the concept of the show is horrible (but haven’t watched it), people who can’t stand the animation style (a stupid and superficial reason to not watch a show), and haters in general.

CONCLUSION: An excellent new addition to the lacking category of “adult cartoons”. AdultSwim and Fox are NOT enough for our insatiable appetite! Let’s hope this gets renewed…

Clint: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10.
Carolyn: 5/5 stars. IMDB: 8/10.
This has yet to receive 5 votes on IMDB

RECOMMENDATION: Adult cartoon-lovers, get this! Other people might want to stay away. You can’t handle the truth.

SIMILAR SHOWS: It’s been called an animated, little-more-out-there 30 Rock. Not being one who watches 30 Rock, I have no clue if that’s accurate.

COINCIDENCES: (real life:the news, Producing Parker #1) Within a week of Balloon Boy happening, watched episode #01, where in the plot a girl was floating in the sky and getting instant international coverage in the same manner as Balloon Boy. (She had an inflatable ass.)

(I Love You Beth Cooper, Producing Parker #3) Within a week, watched 2 videos with girls opening beer bottles with their teeth [instead of a bottle opener].

(Up, Producing Parker #9) 2 videos in a row with talking dogs that pointed, plots related to old age, and people cracking their backs. TRIPLE-PLAY COINCIDENCE!


Dee decides she needs to become a lesbian to increase ratings:

Simon dreams of Dee dying and going to hell:

Chicago Hyatt is deliciously slutty, much like Paris Hilton, but without the imperfections:

“Losers Anonymous” guest smokes crack and snorts lines on the air:

(Yes, a guest gets thrown to their death in many of the episodes.)

Here’s another review of the show, one which isn’t so favorable. But here’s a more favorable one that any fan of the show should read.

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