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PEOPLE: Written and directed by Jody Hill. Has anyone seen his other movie, The Foot Fist Way?

Seth Rogan… as a bi-polar mall security guard. Anna Faris as a drunk, vapid makeup-counter slut. Ray Liotta as a douchebag cop. Collette Wolfe as the girl-you-didn’t-know-was-hot (she never does get as hot as her IMDB pictures… definitely better as a blonde). She was also in 17 Again. Bit parts by Aziz Ansari (Human Giant), Patton Oswalt, Danny McBride (Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express, Fanboys, Superbad).

QUIRKS: Abuse Of Authority. Something I usually blog about as a major problem in societies has now been made hilarious. Laughing at something I hate is a betrayal of my own expectations, thus making the movie novel and enjoyable for me.

Other attributes explored include bi-polarism, indecent exposure, stalker-like behavior from people who don’t realize they are creepy, cops vs. rent-a-cops, alcoholic mothers, and ass-kicking.

This is a dark comedy. Very dark. Especially by the end. People with limited sense of humor might not like it.

MORALS: Cops are often douchebags, but semi-crazy rent-a-cops can be worse in certain situations.

BAD STUFF: Certainly if these events were to happen in real life, they might not be so funny. But the power of comedic fiction is that unfunny situations can be presented in such a way as to laugh your ass off. Seth Rogan certainly helps.

CONCLUSION: This is the feelgood abuse of authority comedy of the year! (haha)

RATINGS: IMDB: 8/10. Netflix: Carolyn: 4/5 stars, Clint: 5/5 stars.

RECOMMENDATION: This was a hilarious dark comedy. I’d estimate it to be one of the best 10 comedies of 2009.

SIMILAR MOVIES: Inspired by the idea of making a comedic version of Taxi Driver.

MOVIE QUOTE: Brandi: [Wakes up to find Ronnie not having sex with her] Why did you stop, motherfucker? [the circumstances of this scene make it even more messed up]

COINCIDENCES: (The Stoned Age, Observe And Report) 2 movies in a row with after-puke making out!

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Glen really liked it.

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