It’s always a good times! Ian’s re-cap. Ian’s photos. Angel’s photos. Casey’s photos. Christian’s photos. Our photos. Vicky’s photos. Read on for my recount. Also, check out the journal everyone wrote in (PDF Warning).

20070802 - Assateague Island beach camping - IMG_2887 - Ponies on the road

This is a scattered recount! Do not expect good writing or journalism here, or even coherent thoughts!

Thursday: Arrive alone with Carolyn. Tent antics ensue. It was very special to have some time alone with her, and we really liked it and thought that perhaps one of these days we should actually go on a vacation alone. We went on the Life Of The Forest nature trail alone. Shannon & Christian arrived much later, and we had an enjoyable low-key evening. That was the only time we ate the food we brought! The rest of the time, other people brought food. We ended up throwing away a lot, apparently.

Random: One thing I remember is that you could actually see the movement of the moon as it rose over the dune. You could SEE it’s motion. That was amazing. Nicole noticed too when I pointed it out to her.

20070805 - Assateague Island beach camping - IMG_2962 - path of water, grass, Life Of The Marsh nature trail

Absinthe antics: Saturday I got bombed, the most intoxicated I’ve been in the past 10 years, with maybe only 1 or 2 exceptions. But I was definitely the most out of control I have ever been in my life, getting trapped in an [unlocked] port-a-potty, walking up to the wrong bonfire repeatedly, attacking peoples’ tents, asking how far away the campsite was while sitting in front of the fire, being unable to use the correct word, looking for something I lost for 2 hours, despite it being given to me and put in my hand, walking up to random people and blurting out a single word that made no sense to them, and basically blacking out for 5 hours with little to no recollection of anything.

20070803 - Assateague Island beach camping - IMG_2920 - Clint, Shannon, napping

At one point, people tried to trick me and said, “Hey Clint, your wife went to dinner downtown with all the guys.” I replied, “That bitch! I am going to get revenge on her!” They then goaded me: “Clint, you’re going to get revenge on your sweet sweet wife?” After long consideration, I answered: “Yessss……..” (pause) “….but it will be sexy!” At which point I fell sideways off my chair, taking both me and my chair down to the sandy ground.

20070802 - Assateague Island beach camping - IMG_2907 - shadows in the grass

Me & Nicole also bummed a ride with Darren & Debbie to the Life Of The Forest nature trail. Then we waited for the walkers (Carolyn & Greg) to join us, went on the trail, met Angel & Ian at the overpass, and walked back. I remembered none of this until told. Now that I’ve been told, I remember 5 seconds in the parking lot before hand, 5 seconds during the hike, 5 seconds at the overpass, and 5 seconds walking back.

20070802 - Assateague Island beach camping - IMG_2906 - Clint looking at view

Nicole was right in her description … “It was like taking all the memories of last night, shaking them up in a box, and looking at the damaged contents afterwards” (this is paraphased).

20070802-05 - Assateague Island beach camping - night - Nicole, Clint - bombed - (by Christian) - 1065673323_c6783597fb b

I apparently pissed of Lauren’s boyfriend Tony too. He got all aggressive and pissed off (which makes him undesirable to me, as he wasn’t even invited and was apparently threatening to kick my ass) because I shined a flashlight in his face. When he got pissed, I just laughed maniacally and continued to shine the light in his face. Not that I remember any of this.

20070802-05 - Assateague Island beach camping - storm - after the storm - Shehab & the aftermath - (by Christian) - 1121482588_5bef5c35e6_b

And then there’s the bonfires. This other group had a bonfire near ours; I kept going to the wrong one. I would walk 2 feet behind each person, check them out (looking for Carolyn). I knew these people weren’t Carolyn, but I was unable to tell they weren’t my friends. I circled the bonfire at least three times before the people there told me “Wrong campfire!” and I finally stumbled over to the correct bonfire.

20070802-05 - Assateague Island beach camping - Carolyn, Clint - sitting - (by Christian) - 1066524556_0ad5b9b202_o

Later, I did the exact same thing. Except this time, I was walking up to the bonfire, and they yelled “Identify yourself!” (I think they were marines or someshit.) Me, stupidly wondering why my friends were asking me to identify myself, replied, “Satan!” This cycle happened 3 times until I was close enough to realize it was the wrong bonfire, and then was like “oops” and did a 90-degree turn and headed for the right campfire.
I ran into people at a party the next week who had never met me until that night, so their response was, “Wow, when Clint isn’t on absinthe, he isn’t an asshole?!” Oops! Sorry everybody! Sorry for the holes in your tent, Greg.

And a super-big apology to Carolyn (I’m not going to get into it, but I was an asshole).

20070802-05 - Assateague Island beach camping - Summer, R.J. - funny face (by Christian) - 1120629685_1c05902c2f o

After Assateague, Carolyn & I went to Bethany Beach, with her family. 54 Sawyers in at least 3 beach houses. Lots of children. It wasn’t quite my cup of tea but I had fun. We ran into Jay, Dave Davido, and Corinna at the bars, and went back to their beach place and partied it up a bit. That was fun too, as Corinna was trashed, and we got Corinna to bare her top for us.

Vicky wrote a blog about Bethany Beach here.

Anyway, Assateague is always a smashing time, and this was great too. NO BUGS.

NO BUGS. NOT *ONE* PERSON GOT BIT. I think Kipp got 1 ankle bite from a nature trail or something, but in general, nobody even wore bug repellent. I never put any on the whole time.

20070802-05 - Assateague Island beach camping - Greg & Nicole - sitting - (by Christian) - 1121445620_bdcca34987_o

Anyway, it was a good time! Carolyn brought a guest book / “Diary”, and many people wrote in that. We scanned it in, and you can read it HERE!

Absinthe Drinker, by Viktor Olivia

Absinthe Drinker, by Viktor Olivia

20070802 - Assateague Island beach camping - IMG_2881-diptych-IMG_2882 - Carolyn in the car - beautiful hair!!
Carolyn, looking super-hot prior to pulling into the Assateague parking lot