movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] It’s been sooooooo long since Carolyn & I both saw this movie, and we’d only ever seen Revenge Of The Nerds #1. In the interest of completism, we will now be watching all 4 Revenge Of The Nerds movies! Though we’ve seen #1 before, it’s been around 20 years since watching it.

PEOPLE: Anthony Edwards, Robert Carradine, Curtis Armstrong… Even John Goodman, as the assholey football coach. And look for a small part by James Cromwell (Jack Bauer’s dad in 24, or the grandmother’s crazy new husband in the last season of Six Feet Under).

QUIRKS: This is a very typical 1980s college movie. The nerds themselves were quite quirky, as to be expected. “Booger” (Curtis Armstrong) is an epic character that most people still remember today. They also used the phrase “douchebag”, which didn’t truly come into mega-popularity as a pejorative until around 2000. (It was always around, but never used as much as it’s used today.) This movie is full of pranks, much like a stereotypical college rivalry movie. The musical number at the end is quite a unique scene — electric violin?!?! And it was nice hearing the original samples that were used in 7000 Dying Rats’s cover of “Jock-O-Rama” by the Dead Kennedys, which Carolyn & I both really like.

19861031 - Clint - Halloween costume - Nerd - 0401
Me as a nerd, Halloween 1986

BAD STUFF: The sex scene with Bettie is *almost* rape. But it’s not. [highlight for spoilers] It’s quite iffy, though, to have sex with someone while wearing a mask and pretending to be someone else. But then again, it’s quite iffy to willingly have sex with someone who’s face you can’t see. But she liked it, so that makes it okay I guess.

CONCLUSION: This is a great pop-culture gem of the 1980s and really should not be missed by anyone — even today’s kids. Certainly anyone who’s ever been picked on should watch this as well. It even has some good college party scenes — like the nerd party where nobody has fun [highlight for spoilers] until a LOT of pot is smoked.

MOVIE QUOTE: Gilbert: “I’m a nerd, and uh, I’m pretty proud of it.”

COINCIDENCES: Right after researching Alex Skolnick (Testament‘s lead guitarist) and obtaining some albums by the Alex Skolnick trio — I watch this movie, where the main character’s last name is also Skolnick.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Apparently nobody has netflix’ed this movie. You might want to check out the new Panty Raid Edition, which includes the failed pilot for a Revenge Of The Nerds TV show.

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