movie coverI'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] They rebooted the franchise, but I’m still going to call this movie #12. And IMDB lists that as an alternate title anyway.

PEOPLE: From the writers of Freddy Vs. Jason.. comes YET ANOTHER Friday The 13th movie. I didn’t recognize any of the stars except Aaron Yoo, who was in Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

QUIRKS: Although regarded as a remake of Friday The 13th 1, it actually combines elements of #1, #2, #3, along with references to #5 (A New Beginning), #6 (Jason Lives), and #10 (the one in space).

Michael Bey walked out of the premiere because it had too much sex? WTF?

You get to see Jason’s “home”, which he never had (to my knowledge) in the previous movies. Jason seems a lot smarter, and more like a hunter than a random serial killer.

The first 25 minutes are almost like a mini Friday The 13th movie. Then the real movie starts.

BAD STUFF: This just didn’t seem quite as brutal or violent as other Friday The 13th movies. Something was missing. Jason was a bit too calculating, and too smart. He was just as relentless as ever, but they made him more like a real person, instead of a force of nature.

CONCLUSION: This was passable entertainment, but as Friday The 13th movies go, it’s pretty forgettable other than the fact that this is the “reboot” of the franchise, and thus will never truly be forgotten. It was about as generic as a Friday The 13th movie can get.

Generic Pass: 3/5 stars on Netflix, 6/10 on IMDB. I didn’t want to abort the movie by any means… But I was happy when it was over. Live! was much better. (We watched both movies in a row on the same night.)

RECOMMENDATION: If you’re a fan of the franchise and want to see every movie… Then you’re going to have no choice but to watch it. Honestly, that is the most compelling reason to watch it: Completism. On it’s own, it isn’t much of a horror movie. Generic everyone-dies movie.

MOVIE QUOTE: Richie: Do you know how many lakes there are named Crystal-something? Go to the supermarket, every single bottled water is named ‘Crystal’ something!
Wade: Aquafina.

Yes. Lots of stupid witty dialog that didn’t really serve much of a purpose.

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Jason/Biff hated it.

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