Netflix: Clint:3/5 stars, Carolyn:2/5 stars. IMDB: 6/10 (both).
Susan was right — Grindhouse:Planet Terror was a lot better than Grindhouse:Death Proof.

This film started off promisingly enough — the throwback 1970’s simulated-B-movie style of both Grindhouse movies is, in and of itself, enough to hold my attention for a bit. But then it stopped in mid-movie! They had some, er, uh, “technical difficultiles” [simulated of course], went black-and-white for awhile, and then came back in color — at which point it mostly just looked like a “normal movie” for the rest of the movie.

That couldn’t have made or broke the movie, however. A good story is a good story, regardless of presentation. But this story was actually pretty boring, and full of pointless details and characterization. I mean, the whole lapdance subplot was entertaining, but ultimately it was just random stuff that happened, and it had no bearing on the movie whatsoever except to increase Kurt Russel’s douchitude level.

When all was said and done, Carolyn called Death Proof “2 movies”. Quite ironic, then, to have a movie that is 2 movies (Death Proof) inside a movie that is already 2 movies (Grindhouse, comprised of Death Proof and Planet Terror). I’ll call it “2 parts”. The first part was the first bar, up to the first “confrontation”, and it was quite entertaining. But it turns out all the characterization was for nothing. The second part takes place 14 months later, and is BORING. The new characters hang around in a cafe talking, until I stopped paying attention, and Carolyn looked over, and said, “I’m bored!” It picked up again at the end — a lot — and then ended abruptly.

This was really a failure for Tarantino after the sheer brilliance of Kill Bill. He could have done so much more with these characters.

And who would have known that Rose McGowan looked better as a blonde?!?!?!?!

I guess there’s good reason that Grindhouse is a double feature! Death Proof without Planet Terror is quite lacking.

Wilhelm scream: At approximately 51:30 (51 minutes, 30 seconds into the movie).

COINCIDENCE: (Dan In Real Life,Grindhouse:Death Proof) 2 movies in a row where a hot chick goes up to a jukebox, puts some money in, selects a song, and starts dancing sexily, all alone, for no apparent reason. I guess cinema cliches are ubiquitous.