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HAIKU REVIEW: Douchey roommates suck.
Moreso if you’re a scapegoat.
Better sell some drugs.

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): Wuss forced into crime to pay tuition.

PEOPLE: Lou Taylor Pucci (The Informers, and one of the Boba Fetts in Fanboys) plays the main character, with Kristen Bell (Heroes:Elle, Fanboys, the movie Pulse, Flatland:The Movie, the Reefer Madness musical, Veronica Mars) as the love interest. John Hensley (Nip/Tuck, the movie Teeth) plays the annoying asshole roommate who causes all the bad stuff to happen. Jane Lynch (who we last saw in the Area 57 failed pilot and Talladega Nights). Michael Pena (Seth Rogan‘s co-worker security guard in Observe And Report) as the violent-but-wussy gangster. Eddie Kaye Thomas (the movie Wasted, Harold & Kumar, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, American Pie) as the desperately lonely successful druggie. Monica Keena (Rachel from Undeclared, Freddy Vs. Jason, The Devil’s Advocate) as a dominatrix who lives with her grandma. Nora Zehetner (Eden from Heroes, Hoop from the movie May.)

QUIRKS: A movie about a quiet nice guy who gets unnecessarily screwed over, and is then given 50 ecstacy pills to sell in 1 day in order to fix everything that is broken. Cringe comedy and romantic subplot ensue.

SOUNDTRACK: Kind of a bad soundtrack by a few different bands I’ve never heard of.

MORALS: Pretty lacking in morals, except Kristen Bell who gets worked up that he’s dealing drugs. Or is she really worked up that he didn’t tell her about it? Either way, that was kind of lame, and also falls under “bad stuff”.

CONCLUSION: Generic pass drug caper / romantic cringe comedy. While it had its moments, and was a fun movie to watch… It was somewhat of a random slice of ridiculous life that didn’t seem very well tied together. You watch it, have fun, then when it’s over, you go, “That’s it?”

RATINGS: Netflix: 3/5 stars. IMDB: 6/10. Generic pass. Better subject matter than some generic passes, however, so I would give this a 6.1/10 if I could. IMDB rates it 4.9/10, but IMDB always hates comedies anyway.

RECOMMENDATION: If you’ve ever had to sell 50 of something in a day… Then you need to watch this movie. But if you’re just looking for a drug-fueled college caper comedy, you might be better off watching Harold & Kumar 1 or 2 or Pineapple Express.

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